Friday, 19 February 2010

The Letter Writers Alliance

My membership to The Letter Writers Alliance came in the mail the other day- so exciting! Sadly the special badge had got a bit squashed in the mail and the pin poked a hole in my new paper, but I do get a membership card, so I can feel part of the gang.

Letter writing has been erratic, but I have just put letters in the mail to Jason and Joanna, who weren't on the list originally but I decided to seize the moment and put pen to paper.

My list needs updating as it got a bit muddled up somewhere along the line:

5. Sara in Italy
6. Bria
7. Nadine in Singapore
8. Jordana in Chicago
9. Liza in San Jose



  2. Your kitty is lovely, nice to see some feline goodness along with paper goods in a photo.

    Love this blog! Just found it - will be linking it to my own...